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One of my greatest accomplishments as a member of the Kenmore City Council has been my advocacy for the environment and tangible actions towards ensuring we have a Kenmore we can always call home. I am known as the environmentalist on the Council. 

When I started on the Council environmental stewardship and climate action were at the bottom of our city's priority list, now it is at the top and we are one of the first cities in King County to implement a Climate Action Plan. In Kenmore, a CAP needs to focus on environmental stewardship and clean air. At every retreat when the Council sets its annual priorities I speak up to ensure environmental stewardship is a visible part of of Climate Action priorities.

In addition, I have taken the lead on Clean Air. I listened to our community, participated in rallies, invited our legislators to participate alongside us,  and helped our council drive for testing of the asphalt plant, which after three years has been tested and failed. This is a major accomplishment for our residents. We now know the plant was not compliant with air quality standards. We demanded clean air and now we are getting it. 


Kenmore is fortunate to have an abundance of parks, wetlands and waterfront access.  These areas make Kenmore a desirable place to live and work and must be protected.  Fortunately, we are in an enviable position that allows us to plan our future development to keep our ecosystems safe while promoting sustainable economic growth.   As a young city, we can do this.  Our children and future residents will be grateful.  As your Deputy Mayor I work for our community to ensure our environment is protected. I understand protection and stewardship of our environment is paramount today. I believe together we can maintain the natural beauty of Kenmore for future generations.



Sustainable Development means activating underutilized developed spaces and limiting encroachment on natural spaces while creating good paying jobs that meet our needs now and into the future. There is plenty of work to be done in Kenmore to meet those objectives. 

My vision includes activating the Lakepointe Property to serve our community’s highest and greatest needs: environmental stewardship and mixed use sustainable development. 

The property is currently for sale. It’s time for our city to take action and create the space that many of our residents dream of. I’ve been a steady voice for making this happen during my time in office and my goal is for the City to put a bond measure to our residents to purchase the property by November 2024.

We can maximize this land to create a beautiful destination center for our community and an Environmental Innovation Hub for our Region. This will have the long term effect of generating jobs and an economic focus for Kenmore now and into our future. 

This space has the potential to meet our housing needs and provide a great community park with ballfields and an aquatic center, housing, restaurants, shops, businesses and other activities for our community members, bikers on the Burke Gilman Trail, passengers of Kenmore Air, visitors of the Lodge at St. Edward, students at Bastyr, and others who drive through Kenmore. We will create a reason to stop and stay in Kenmore. 

Kenmore has a bright future and it’s going to take strong leaders to bring this project to life. As a person who grew up here dreaming of this project, I have the passion to bring it to fruition. 



“If the sense of community exists, both freedom and security exist as well. The community then takes on a life of its own, as people become free enough to share and secure enough to get along.” Conscious Communities

To add on to that statement, when there is a sense of community, we are able to work together and raise the quality of living for all members. Social equity is a major component of community. It goes beyond race, gender, religion, social class, and ability. Engaged communities are compassionate and able to work together to meet the needs of those who have the least among us. For a municipality like Kenmore this means doing all that we can to ensure our diverse voices are heard and have a seat at the table. More inclusion and diversity has been proven to equal better decision making. I will continue reaching out to our community and encourage higher levels of participation from under represented communities.

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