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Your vote is very important

and continuing to serve you would be an honor

It’s been an honor and privilege to serve as Deputy Mayor for the City of Kenmore during my first term. I ran for environmental stewardship, sustainable development, and community and affordability. I am proud to say that during my first term, I have upheld these values and helped our Council chart a vision for the future of Kenmore that we can always call home. 

That means taking care of our Sammammish River watershed and Lake Washington shoreline, protecting and planting trees, creating walkable, livable neighborhoods with pedestrian and bike access to public transportation, schools, parks, and amenities. This also means taking action to ensure we have enough affordable housing and access to community services.

I decided to run for a second term to build on the tremendous progress we have made in the past four years. I believe our highest responsibility is to ensure a healthy, safe, and vibrant Kenmore for all of our residents, now and into the future.  

I hope to have your support on November 7th.

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